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We are expert into manual blogger outreach and nobody can match our records

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Blogging Studio Inc. has started with a vision, with Idevicehelp.net. We are known to deliver quality outreach marketing, guest blogging and white hat link building services.
The company has an in-house expert, digital marketer.Follow Hire me section to know more.
Why Choose IDevicehelp for Link Building Services:

  • Ethics
  • Successful track record
  • No false commitments
  • Complete Transparency
  • Value for Money
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Cost-Effective Price

Why Choose Idevicehelp.net?

We are team of bloggers. Having a proven track record of success in the industry. We understand Google updates are serious concern for the businesses. Our manual outreach gives you affirmative results in SERP. We are just single message away or call us +91.9711864952 [availability 4 – 6 PM Indian Standard Time]

Our Offerings

  • Powerful Outreach Service in every possible niche
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Education
  • SEO
  • & more….Just ask

*Please discuss before placing order on Gambling; adult products

What we will do for you?

  • We follow latest Google guidelines on guest posting
  • We will search highly relevant blog which fits into either one or complete criteria of DA | DR | Traffic
  • Write the high quality and unique content for your post with a desired anchor
  • Send you the PDF or Excel Report for your live links

We are expert into manual blogger outreach and nobody can match our records

How it Works?

The procedure is tailor made for you – that’s all you need to follow these 2 steps: -

Step 1

Just give the brief or detailed information – targeted URL is mandatory, & anchor (optional) and instructions [if any]

Guest Posting Services Mandatory for All Successful Business Owners

It is more like a give and take process and both the parties involved can go for the writing part eventually. Guest posting service favors all the host of the blog inmany ways as thishelps to increase the traffic to the top list. Get to know with the parameters used for satring up a blog posting. We do exactly determine the success of a blog. A blog can never attain ultimate success only on the basis of unique and interesting content until people start talking about it. Thus it is said that along with interesting content back links and popularity over social networks plays a vital role in establishing a great blog. There are many blogger outreach services over the internet that promises to accomplish the latter two parameters but most of them doesn’t hold much value and it turns out that having a successful blog is not easy at all.

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Backlinks and contextual backlinks

Our guest posting services on the other hand take time but if done appropriately can bring out astonishing results. It not only brings high traffic to a blog but also helps in managing public relations quite efficiently. One more advantage of hiring guest blogging a service is that the author of the blog gets to take a day off which is beneficial for the business in the long run. It is also said that only a blogger can understand the hard work in writing a blog post that can be shared with all the viewers and in between such tiring schedule a day off can work wonders
The contextual backlink service are considered to be the best option to increase the web traffic but the links that are bought fails to fulfil the purpose as only contextual and editorial links can get the job done. Now having a quality guest posting makes sure that the guest blogger will mention about his guest post on the blog over the internet which in turn generates traffic back to the host. These links are genuine and efficient as they are wrapped in meaningful content and qualify as editorial and contextual links.
These relational Guest Posting Services also manages the public relationship between the host and the guest poster. This indirectly generates traffic back to the blog because the more people will talk about the blog more will be the web traffic to the blog. The guest blogging turns out to be beneficial for the hosts as it not only increases web traffic but also uplifts Branding.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in every purchase you make with us, which is why we are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have two ways to give you satisfactory results. PRE or Post Publishing.

Choose either one:


  • We can pre-approve the site from you before publishing your post. OR
  • Post publishing, you will have 2 days to ask for replacement.

We are confident about our service, so transparency is the key here.

Why Hire Me?

I, Samar Pahwa, full-time blogger, outreach expert, and Digital marketer specialized in SEO and Social Media Marketing. I have been into digital marketing for 10 years and used to teach SEO, worked as an SEO manager in Digital marketing agency. I have helped many small and large businesses to acquire high-quality backlinks from A listed websites across various niches. My work has benefited small to large organization across the globe.
In my free time, I try to learn and attend various workshops. I spend my weekends while learning new-age technologies, business, marketing and investing workshop. You can also find me at Scientology, Art of Living and Kushalta Academy as well for inner spirituality and meditation.
Your website will gain from my link building skills and experience. With my core team, I strive to deliver the desired results in every outreach campaign


  • Turn Around Time – 3 – 5 Business Days
  • Every package has Included Content


We are a global company in terms of deliverance. We offer link building service for a company based in any part of the world.

You pay for live links. Whatever you pay for, you get the work  done in the same manner. No false commitments.

As we are based in India, we have high quality resources who work for us in a cost-effective way. Also, we have been into this business for a decade – we have long term alliances with many influencers across the world.

We have started Blogging Studio Inc in 2014. As a co-founder, my digital marketing industry experience inspired me to work on this startup idea for value addition.

Neither we offer nor we do recommend harmfully automated or cheap link building. We try to provide reliable link building techniques which deliver the best results for your site and towards the Google business as well.

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